Mrs. Gilmore's Class

May 2017

Upcoming Classroom Events-

Monday, 5/8- Middle School Visit & Final State ID quiz

Tuesday, 5/9- Math quiz- volume

WEdnesday, 5/10- Math quiz, 2D Attributes

Thursday, 5/11- Math quiz- Conversions

Thursday, May 11 Celebrate Schofield Night- 6-7:00 pm, Come and Go.

Monday, May 15- Field Day (more details soon)

Tuesday, May 16- Sailing to Middle School Celebration 1:30-3:30pm. Parents welcome!

Classroom Celebrations

85% of our class can solve equations using the order of operations!

89% of our class can analyze multiple accounts of an event!

No charge May

Starting May 1 there will be no charges allowed to lunch accounts. If your child does not have obey in their account, they will be given a tiger meal consisting of PB sandwich and milk.

Building Improvement Plan & School Performance

It is Schofield Elementary's goal to make sure 81% or more of students are proficient with Missouri Learning Standards for math and literacy. This week students will be learning:

Mrs. Tate has taken over almost all of the teaching in our classroom. We are currently co-teaching almost everything...she teaches, I monitor or guide her and the students. Or, we'll tag team and both teach a lesson together.

Math: We are knee deep into fractions with finding greatest common factors, least common multiples, adding fractions, subtracting fractions...fractions, fractions, fractions!!!

Literacy: We're just finishing up our lessons over text structure- looking at how non fiction authors structure or organize their texts.

Writing: We've just started writing introductions to our research report!

Content (Science/Social Studies): We've started a 2 part unit over the solar system. We will test Monday 3/7 over the solar system and shadows.

Counselor's Update

No content Available

Online Math Resources

Our math curriculum comes with an online resource that we will utilize as a class frequently. Each student has been given their user name/password and has been given time to explore the ConnectEd website. This is a valuable resource for you to use at home as well too! Students have access to an e-book (online version of their workbook), tutoring videos, games, self check quizzes, virtual manipulatives, and extra practice.

Check out:


Year after year I always get the burning question "Will I have homework?!"I can not and will not be assigning grades based on work completed at home...nor will I be specifically assigning "homework". I will however, send home activities that you may choose to complete with your student (or an activity that your student can complete independently) as practice. This may include a game of some sort, a math page out of their workbook, a website to visit, or a passage to read.

We do have access to our math curriculium online via the McGraw Hill website: User names and passwords will sent home at a later time. This website has a virtual copy of math workbooks, tutoring videos, and games and can be utilized at ANY time.

In addition, time should be set aside daily for independent reading, or studying math facts on a daily basis. This does not have to take a long time. Just 10 or 15 minutes a day spent reviewing skills can significantly help your child's performance.


8:30: Specials

9:30: Reading Workshop



1:10:Writing Workshop

2:00:Content (Science and Social Studies)

3:00: WIN (What I Need) Reteach/Enrichment

Specials Schedule:

Monday: Art

Tuesday: PE

Wednesday: Music

Thursday: Computers

Friday: Library