Wolverine Wellness Update

Live Well, Work Well

Show us the MONEY!

How does an extra $5,000 for employee wellness sound? Pretty awesome, right?!

Well, we won't receive this money without YOUR help! If you are enrolled in BCBS health insurance, please go to the CLEAR COST website (CLICK HERE) and register for an account.

That's it! It's that easy! We need 50% of our eligible employees to do this by February 29th in order to receive an additional $5,000 for wellness programming.

So, what are you waiting for?! Do it NOW :)

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Shannon Hruska (pictured above) won the Arlington campus soup/chili cook-off with her Mexican Chili recipe. Ay caramba, senorita :)

Air (picture coming soon) won the Gaylord campus soup/chili cook-off with his Mango Habanero Chili. Mmm delicious!

Be sure to thank all of the participants when you see them! Their hard work sure was tasty!

Special February Events

More info coming soon!

  • "Mid-Winter Motivation" with Kris Langworthy from the Hokey Pokey Clinic
  • Anxiety awareness & stress relief education
  • Art therapy event
  • Water aerobics (mid to late February)

monthly offerings:

  • Adult coloring
  • Fitness with Fisher
  • Wellness token program
  • Snow shoe check-out