Articles of Confederation

Advantages and Disadvantages

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Advantages of the Articles of Confederation include...

  • The ability to declare war
  • The ability to work with foreign countries and sign treaties
  • The ability to borrow and coin currency
  • The ability to utilize post offices

Disadvantages of the Articles of Confederation Include...

  • Could not enforce laws
  • Could not tax
  • Lack of leadership in Congress
  • No national military
  • No executive branch
  • States had charge of their own trade and currency

Why were the Articles of Confederation designed to create weak central government?

Personally, I believe that the reason the Second Continental Congress created the Articles of Confederation with such weak government is becausethe states were afraid to give up full independence. The states were used to running themselves, and didn't want to make such a large jump from having full independence, to having little independence. I believe that it was the fear of change restricting the growth and creation of a strong, and superior central government.