by: brianna lindsey


Spain is located on the Continent of Europe. France and Portugal border this amazing country. The North Atlantic Ocean, and the Mediterranean Sea also border Spain. The weather and climate are fairly good. In the northern coast it tends to be rainy, while the southern and eastern coasts tend to have long, warm summers, and short winters.


Castilian Spanish:

Hello: Hola

Goodbye: Adios

Yes: Si

Thank you: Gracias

How are you: Como Estas

My name is brie: Mi nombre es brie

Other Interesting Facts

Two Famous Landmarks I Want To Vist: The Loarre Castle, and The Donana National Park

Major Airport: Madrid Airport

Time Difference from Atlanta, Georgia To Spain~ 6 hours

Facts~1. The earliest inhabitants were not spanish speaking people

2.Spain was once ruled by moors (Abrabs) who invaded from North Africa, pushing the Visigoths out

3. In 1936 Franisco Franco, a military officer, led a rebellion against the governmet

4. donde esta la pizzeria mas cercana al= where is the nearest pizza place at?

5. donde se encuentrael castillo de loarre= where is the Loarre Castle?