What's Happening at School?

Graettinger-Terril/Ruthven-Ayrshire January 2019 edition

Only One Word

Mrs. Hunefeld's fifth grade class created posters using technology to concentrate on self-improvement for 2019 using only one word. This lesson helps students reflect upon how they can improve as students as they set goals for the year.

Industrial Tech Students Make Cutting Boards

Benefits of Art Education

Art helps students develop many fundamental skills that include creativity, motor skills, confidence, perseverance and focus. Graettinger-Terril and Ruthven-Ayrshire are fortunate to have lots of artistic ability. Mr. Clouse, GT/RA art teacher, explains to the third grade the snow and ice project that they will be creating. Eighth grade students in Mr. Quinn's class work with lines and color.
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Mrs. Fredericksen's Preschool Sharing

Students in Mrs. Fredericksen's preschool class take turns bringing an item to share in the sharing bag. Classmates then ask questions about the item that is shared. This student proudly shares her cheerleading pillow. Notice the letter to students in the background. Question marks and exclamation points are used as punctuation. Can you tell what letter the students practiced writing, identifying, and learning the sound of?
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Fluency Work

Students are continually working to become fluent readers. Fluent readers are able to read with accuracy, expression, and a natural flow. Mrs. Dreeszen's students practice their fluency with a science passage about matter.
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GT 7th Grade Ziggurats

Mrs. Goodchild's 7th grade social studies class studied what makes a civilization by building a Ziggurat from the Mesopotamia Era. Students then presented their civilization to the class.

GT/RA Informal Geometry Class

GT/RA high school students have the opportunity to take an informal geometry class that focuses on the real-world applications of core geometry concepts. Students are working on a project to make a scale representation of another object. The class is taught Mr. Harder.
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How Can You Learn About Daily Activities at GT and RA?

Communication is an important part of relationships between school and home. How can you find out the information that you need? Graettinger-Terril (http://www.gtschools.k12.ia.us/) and Ruthven-Ayrshire (http://www.ruthven.k12.ia.us/) School districts have their own websites. Daily announcements, calendars, and contact information are available on the websites. The daily announcements are emailed by each school secretary daily. Graettinger-Terril and Ruthven-Ayrshire School districts have Facebook pages and Twitter accounts that share pictures, activities, and happenings. Recently the Graettinger-Terril District went mobile with an app that can be downloaded to your cell phone.