SUMMER TERM 2015 ISSUE 6 - Thursday 10 September 2015

Thursday 10 September Family Fun Night (changed from the 11th)

Friday 11 September General Election Day (school is closed)

Friday 18 September Book Week Dress Up Day

Wednesday 23 September Grades Two and Three Sports Day

Thursday 24-Friday 25 September Hari Raya Haji Holiday - School Closed

Wednesday 07 October Grade Three Celebration of Learning

PE Swimming Lessons resume on the week starting 26th October and continues until Christmas.


Dear Grade Three Parents,

This just a gentle reminder about our Birthday policy. As SJIIES is an inclusive school, and to avoid hurt feelings among the children, we request that all birthday party invitations to only a small group of selected friends should be done outside school. We please ask for some discretion and contact parents of the children being invited directly.

If your child is having a party, and you wish to send invitations into school, you must invite whole class or all boys or all girls.

Please liaise with your child's classroom teacher in advance if you are wanting to bring in cupcakes or party bags for their birthday at school.


This week, the children continued advancing their information gathering skills as well as learning about historical figures that have made a significant contribution to the world.

Building on from last week's significant person drama focus, the children had to carry out a more in-depth search of the person they presented their role play on. They had to find the answers to the following questions before producing a fact file on their significant person.

Where and when were they born?

What did they do that we remember them for?

What did people at the time think of them?

Why are they significant?

How did they change the world?

After gathering their information, the children worked on creating a fact file that summarized the information they had found.

Next week, to coincide with Book Week, our focus is going to be on significant children's authors.


With our on-going newspaper focus, we looked at quotations that are often included in news related articles from people directly involved in the event. We talked about the importance of reporters using good interview techniques and ensuring what has actually been said is recorded correctly (and not embellished).

Using our five 'W' questions again, we looked at the main points or events or events going on in the articles we have been reading. This is providing the groundwork for the children to begin writing their own stories in newspaper article form in the coming weeks.

At home, do encourage your children to read the newspaper and talk about what they have read.


The children worked this week on subtraction with regrouping in ones, tens, hundreds and thousands. Problems included zeros in the hundreds, tens and ones. A combination of whiteboard challenges, quizzes, and workbook exercises are helping the children to master their regrouping skills.

The children have also been learning to subtract 2 digit numbers mentally with and without regrouping.

One way you can practise mental math at home with your child is for you to write five numbers between 20 and 30 without showing your child. Think of any mental sum involving addition or subtraction that will give an answer between 20 and 30, for example, 29 - 5. Your child works out the answer mentally. If their answer is one of the of the five numbers you have written, you mark it. Together with your child you can take turns to giving the mental sums and marking the numbers.

You can find some online subtraction games at the website below.


Book Week Treasure Hunt

Interview 3 to 6 people to find out what their favourite book is and why they like it.

Due Friday 18 September

Learn spelling words (no sentence writing this week)



Addition and Subtraction to

Pages 49-56

Due Friday 18 September

For Marshall Cavendish Online, you will need to use CHROME or the most recent updated version of FLASH.

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