Health and Diet

By: Cesar Q. and Junior T.

Historical Background

1.Dates when do we see this happening ?


2.leaders/important people

-James Blundell

3.why did people need or value your topic ?

there might have been sicknesses coming from there foods

4.How do we see your topic being used in the industrial revolution ?

-That people became healthier

Topic and its impacts within Great Britain during the Industrial Rev.

1.Social- The healthier you lived the longer you got to live

2.Economic- Farmers grew goods and that meant there was more trading and the trades became better and better

3.Political- Doctors found out a lot of vaccines and it helped the sick

topic and its impacts on the world during the industrial revolution

1.Social- The industrial revolution increased the material wealth of the western world

2.Economic- created a specialized and interdependent economic

The Modern Day Counterpart

1. What is it?~ Medicine we use today started in the industrial Revolution like Vaccines.

2. How does relate to your topic?~ People live longer today than no longer before because of health and diet developments from the Industrial Revolution.

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