Digital Footprint

By: Marcelo Garcia

My Digital Footprint?

First off, Digital footprint is something you do on the internet. Such as data connection left by a digital environment. to It can be determine within on the internet. It can be positive which is a very good thing to have because in the future it can attract other people with what you do on the internet. Also, having a negative digital footprint isn't a very good thing to have. In fact, having a negative digital footprint is something you wanna change. Sadly once you do something on the internet or post something its forever there for million and millions of people to view. So, its important to always have a second look on what you do on social media. Something you post on the internet can affect you. How so? Well lets say you apply for a job but your boss found something on the internet about you that he didn't like. That small post or picture just ruined the chance of you having that job. Therefore, watch out with the stuff you do on the internet it can be viewed by many people. Such as, colleges, parents, teachers, and police officers

Social Media I Use

What Impact does/can your digital footprint have on your future?

The impact my digital footprint have on me is very critical such as...


  • jobs opportunities
  • College offers
  • Business owner

  • Reject application
  • Rejected college offer
  • Rejected job Opportunity

What can I do to continue to improve my online identity?

To improve my online identity improve on my grammar. I might not be the best at grammar but i know i have to improve a lot if i am going to write blog post about something i love to do or tell others.

Two thing that can improve my online identity

Most important thing I've learned this semester about maintaining a positive Digital Footprint?

The important thing i learned this semester about maintaining a positive Digital Footprint is that whatever i do on the internet it can be seen by everyone. No matter who they are everyone can see. It will affect me someway. Maybe not now but later on in life. I've been told many stories about people with what they did and hope they can go back and change that. Now i know what to do with my digital footprint i want to make a positive impact on others. Show others what I do.
Your Digital Footprint

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