Jim Stark

by: Brandon Grob


  • Honest
  1. Goes to police to tell them about the accident.
  2. Wants Father to show Mother he dropped the food.
  3. Tells parents what he thinks about moving and how its always because of him.

  • Angry
  1. Someone calls him chicken.
  2. family confuses him and angers him.

  • Alcoholic
  1. Drunk on street in beginning.
  2. Stumbling and loud at police station.


Jim's problem is that his father, which should be a strong figure in his life, is matter in fact a weak man and does not stand up for Jim. Jim asks his to stand up and his father never listens until the end when Jim needs his dad more than ever and his dad does show his strength and stands up with Jim.


Jim learned that his father does have the strength to stand with him.

Jim also learned which is an important thing is that you can't change yourself to fit in and be someone your not. He realized this after Buzz died and he thought this stuff was dangerous and that he can't live with the death on his hands so he goes to turn in himself.

Symbol-Plato’s mismatched socks

I think the symbolism for Plato's mismatched socks shows us that Plato is indeed mental unstable being that he always ran away from home and now that he has no parents. Plato spends so much time trying to find someone to fill his parents shoes that again he mismatches the socks and is mental unbalanced.


I feel like the main lesson of the film was to show don't be afraid to stand up for what you want, what you believe in even if it is a loved one such as a parent. Another major lesson would be to cherish what you have love your family cause in Plato's eyes he didn't have parents to love and care for him.

What did the characters learn from Buzz's death? Explain.

I feel like the characters learned that the stuff that they did such as the game of chicken were actually pretty stupid things to do and that they could get into a ton of trouble. On an other note it brought Jim to think and do the right thing by going to the police to turn himself in but, as he did this Buzz' friends were on edge and thought that Jim was going to turn them in and it was just a time of mixed emotions after Buzz's death that affected each character differently.

The Three Rebels