Lien Cheng Taiwan-made saxophone

Vol. 6 LC Tenor Sax

Why Choose LC Tenor?

LC Saxophone produces good quality Tenor saxophones which are be regarded as versatile instrument. Our Tenors are be adored by Saxophone players from beginner to professional. To provide superior quality to our customers is always our company's mission , we are progressing and cooperate with government . Depends on your choice we provide different range of Tenor to accommodate your personal interest.(I will explain further soon) These beautiful instruments are fabricated by LC Sax which experiences in manufacturing saxophone for over 7 decades.

T-604 series

If you are looking for the bright and light sound. The 604 series probably your best choice. The cupronickel texture makes this instrument perfectly fit to a classical saxophonist. The instrument allows the player feeling the unforgettable bright high notes and this model has infinite range of sound which makes player also can experience the varied of music styles.

We are in Taichung Houli, Taiwan

A lovely place breed saxophone makers. You can easily hear the sound of saxophone come from street played by Houli resident aged from 16-65. Saxophone is not only rich men's toy but also became an entertainment for a lot of people in Houli.