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What you can expect from car rentals Exotic car rentals Florida

Exotic car rentals Floridais thebest way to try out new things and hangout with family or friends. There are several cities in US that have exotic car rental companies, but Florida is probably home to the best car rental companies, as there are thousands of thrill seekers who come to live it up. With stiff competition of car rental companies, it becomes difficult for car enthusiasts to choose the best deal. With just a few phone calls, you will find a company that offers great discounts on car rentals if you rent during certain hours. You will be surprised to see the amount you can save by renting out exotic cars in Florida.

By renting am exotic car in Florida, you will get an opportunity to choose the best car with a mileage cap. This means, you need to keep the miles lowwith a lower maintenance cost. Usually, the mileage cap ranges between 50-150 miles per day and ever mile driven will cost you around $1 to $3. It is must to check the company policy twice before you rent out a car, as the terms and conditions may w=vary from one company to the other.

You need verified auto insurance and should have comprehensive wreck coverage. You should check the risk factor as the rental company can come for ‘incidental claims’.If you line up car rental and cancel it on later date, you may be charged some cancellation fee. It is better to book 24 hours in advance, if the rental overlaps with a major holiday. There are a number of people who rent out cars in Florida for long tripsand there is no doubt that it is as good as any other mode of transportation.

Luxuria Motor Club

Luxuria Empire outshines south Florida’s rental industry with pristine standards of customer service, offering a unique white glove style concierge service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Luxuria team caters to every request from social to culinary, transportation to accommodation, as well as a wide variety of recreation in between.