Wolves In Danger?

Red wolves are becoming an endangered species in NC

Red Wolves

Scientifically known as Canis rufus, the Red Wolf species is at risk for extinction. Red Wolves are medium sized, wild canid, and resembles a coyote. The color of the Red Wolf resembles a coyote, yet it is much more pronounced.

Where Red Wolves Live

Red Wolves used to live in the southeastern part of the united states, but now they typically live in the eastern part of their range. In NC the Red Wolves occupies the inner coastal and outer coastal plains.


The most recent red wolves were found in coastal prairie and marsh habitat, considering this is one of the few places animals are allowed to remain. Most of the homes occupied by Red Wolves range from 25- 50 square miles
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Red Wolves are endangered because of US. We are the ones killing these majestic creatures, because of our petty wants. Human Development, motor vehicles running over Red Wolves, and illegal killings. Also weather has been a huge factor in the loss of population. Since we are pushing these animals out of there natural habitat, they are not used to the weather that they are enduring.

Measures Taken to Protect Red Wolves

In September of 2012, the Animal Welfare Institute decided to allow hunters to spot hunt the coyotes, but Red Wolves also live in the area, therefore decreasing the Red Wolf population. In November of 2012 the Animal Welfare Institute relieved this allowance for night hunting to preserve the population.

Before You Go.... A Picture To Make You Smile!

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