Monthly Mental Health Reminder


New Year New Day!

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Put it on Your Calendar!

There are some upcoming events coming up in our area!

January 7th @ 12 or 1pm - Make your own stuffed animal at the Loudonville Public Library. Sign up is required.

January 10th @ 3:30pm - Cookbook Club for Kids at the Loudonville Public Library. Sign up is required. Only grades 4-12.

No school Monday January 16th!

Don't forget to check our sports calendars!

Event + Response = Outcome

E+R=O is all about your mindset and the new year is a good time to reframe your mindset. Although you can always make a goal for yourself, most people make a new year's resolution on January 1st.

"In one study, only around 12% of people who make New Year's resolutions felt that they were successful in achieving their goals." (10 Great Tips to Keep Your New Year's Resolutions by Kendra Cherry)

So how can we successfully complete our goals or resolutions that we have created for ourselves? Choose a specific goal and create a plan of things you will do to achieve it. Limit yourself to one goal so you are not overwhelmed.

If your goal is to lose weight. How much weight do you want to lose in a month? Will you go on a diet? What are some recipes you can use for your diet? Will you go the gym? What days will you go to the gym.

Remember to start small and create an achievable plan. If you aren't used to being on a diet don't quit eating sweets all together because it will be very difficult. If you aren't used to going to the gym maybe commit to going during the weekday and only for 30 minutes. Start small so achieving your goal is not a difficult challenge.

Your motivation may start to dwindle so give yourself a visual reminder of what you are working towards, like a post it note on your mirror.

If you are looking for more in depth tips on keeping with your new years resolution, look at the link below.

Now Hiring

McMullen & Budd are looking for a new school liaison. What do liaisons do?

  • Brief assessments to identify student and family needs and assets
  • Linkage to school & community resources
  • Collaboration & consultation with school staff
  • Crisis intervention and debriefing
  • Interventions to teach healthy life skill development
  • Family outreach, education, and home visits
  • Daily presence in the schools
  • Partnerships with community resources

If you know someone that might be interested in applying the application is linked below.

Food Resources

-Mobile food pantry; 421 Campus Ave, Loudonville. (HS field house parking)

Every 3rd Friday, 10am until supply is gone.

-Lakeville United Methodist Church; 14029 SR 226, Lakeville.

2nd & 4th Saturday of the month, 9-11am get groceries to take home.

-Loudonville United Methodist Church; 124 N Market St. Loudonville.

1st & 3rd Monday of each month, 5-6:30pm take to go meals.

-Matthew 25 Outreach; 647 E Main St. Ashland.

4th Saturday of each month get produce to take home.

Call 419-961-0110 to find out time.

Worth a Try!

A New Year Resolution!

Goal - Spend more time with your kids.

When - Every Friday night.

What can you do? Have a movie night at home, plan a craft, make dinner together, go to a trampoline park, or school basketball game.

To make sure we accomplish this new year's resolution mark it on your calendar and stay consistent. Family time is important for your kids to know that you care about them.