Going Google

Without Going Crazy - Volume 2

Google Tip #1

Tweaking Your Signature

Have you noticed your signature appears below a dashed line and under the quoted text in an email? You can change that so your signature appears directly under your emails by enabling a Lab.

In your inbox, click on the cog/wheel and choose "Settings" from the drop-down.

Click on the "Labs" tab from the top menu.

From the list of labs, scroll to the "Signature Tweaks" lab.

Click the radio button to "Enable" this lab.

Be sure to click "Save Changes" at the bottom of the page.

Open an email message and you should notice that the -- line is gone and your signature is at the bottom of the current message.

Google Tip #2 - Techie Tip

Sign Out Remotely

Worried that you forgot to sign out of a public computer? Could someone send an inappropriate email on your behalf?

If you sign into Gmail from multiple computers but are worried that you may have forgotten to sign out, you can sign out remotely!

At the bottom of your inbox, look for information about the time and location of the last activity on your account.
Click "Details" to see whether you account is still open in another location.
"Sign out all other sessions" to close other open sessions.

Google Tip #3 - Did you Know?

Google Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets: Users now have the ability to name a range in a spreadsheet. You can then protect such a named range instead of protecting the whole sheet. You can also use the name of the range in formulas.

Spreadsheets: Users can now pick the color and style of cell borders. This features is accessible as an added option through the cell borders toolbar button.