By: Keeley


Informative writing- for Sacagawea!


Sacagawea was an Indian girl. When she was young, she was kidnapped. In her early life, she worked with her mom and other women. Sacagawea a beautiful young lady.

who was Sacagawea, in early live?

Sacagawea had a baby at a young age. She was a child when she taken from her trib. Sacagawea was not very old when she married. Sacagawea was way younger than her husband.

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Sacagawea After the Expedition was?

Sacagawea was Lewis and Clark's guide most of the time.

Sacagawea got sick but was cared for and went back to health with water.

Sacagawea is a interesting person to stuty on.

Sacagawea After the Expedition was?

After the Lewis and Clark Expedition., Sacagawea Charbonneau and their son moved to saint Louis. Sacagawea died when she was 24.


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