U.S. and Japan

Cultural Barriers

A Message from your Business Librarian

While working on your assignment, keep in mind the University Libraries are here to help. I understand your assignment is a scenario where several employees from Tokyo were relocated to the corporate headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. The U.S. company, Wentworth-Millard a mid-size retailer acquired the Tokyo company, Azuma and have noticed the Japanese employees are uncomfortable with expressing disagreement. Their goal is to make all employees comfortable with speaking up. Because there are communication issues, you have been hired as a consultant to help. Wentworth-Millard has hired you to address the following issues during their next meeting.

  • What potential cultural barriers prevent successful collaborations
  • How to encourage open conversations to gather feedback

When writing your report, be sure to reference the Functional Model and FBC Workshop website.

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Build Your Background Knowledge

**You may want to read pages 195-218 online rather than downloading the entire book**
**Read pages xix-xxix**

Leading a Diverse Team

Diverse Teams Collaborating

Reading a Peer Reviewed Article

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Reading a Peer Reviewed Article