1.Physical Property

A: the atomic mass is -6.941 amu

B: Atomic Radius in angstroms(a): 182

C: density: 0.53g/cm3

D: melting point: 180.54c(453.69k,356.972f)

E: Boiling point 1347oc(1620.15k,356.972f

F: At Room Temperature(22oc) this element is a solid

G: Appearance : Silvery or white/clear

H: conductivity: Metals

Malleability: can be easily cut with a knife(high)

J: Hardness:.6,Low

K: Other Physical Properties: size is small color is black/white/clear Shape is half of a trapezoid

2.Chemical Properties

A:Flammability: Highly reactive and flammability

B: Re-activity: reacts to air,water and halogens

1. Atomic structure

(Atomic Number: 3 )(Mass Number: 6.941) (Protons: 3)( Neutrons:4) (Electrons:3)

(2. Location on the Periodic Table: its to the first to second one)

C. History & Discovery

1. When?: 1817

2. Where?: Sweden

Who?: Johann Arfvedson + Jose Bonifacio

Why/How?:Jose Bonifacio found it first then gave it to Johann Arfvedson


1.Elements Applications & Uses

Batteries ,ceramic, and lubricants.

2. Isotopes: 3 protons + 4 Neutrons

3. Compounds: ?

E Fun Facts

1. Name & Symbol

(where dose your element's name and/ or symbol come from? Any interesting stories there?): Lithium comes from a Greek word "lithos" which means Stone.

2. other weird /unique/interesting information: none