Tropical grasslands

The Savanna

Where are they located?

Savannas are mostly located in central Africa, but can appear any continent except Antarctica. They usually near the equator and always in hot regions.
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What organisms can be found here?

Grass and trees are the most common plants found in the savanna. Trees aren't as common because of drought and fire, but the ones that exist are fire resistant. In African savannas, there is the greatest amount of hooved mammals. There are several other types of animals including lions, kangaroos, zebras, mice, and giraffes. Not all of these animals are in the same regions. Termites are the most common during the wet seasons.



What is the climate like?

There are two main season in the savannas, wet and dry. Rainfall is 20-50 inches a year, centered in the wet season, with less than 4 inches in the dry season. During the dry season, fires from lightning is common, though most animals are fast enough to outrun it. The temperature is usually between 27 to 37 degrees Celsius.
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What is the soil like?

During the dry season, any rainfall is rapidly drained by the soil. This the reason why there is a dry season. Most large animals have to migrate, except elephants who have adapted to suck water from tree. The soil contains organic matter from dead organism that provides nutrients to plants.
African Savanna Biome

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