It's Me Again

April 10th

Looking Ahead To Next Week...

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Things To Practice

Counting to 120 using correct pronunciation

Writing numbers 0-120 when called out at random

Telling the number (without having to count) that is 10 more or 10 less than a given number (0-120) when asked at random. (Ex: What is 10 more than 58? What is 10 less that 17?)...

Telling time (orally) to the hour and half hour when shown on a clock

Writing times (to the hour and half hour) when shown a time on a clock

Drawing times (hour and half hour) on a blank clock

answering quarter one and quarter two math facts fluently

solving problems such as:

Molly has 10 toys. Polly has 4 toys. How many more toys does Molly have than Polly?

neat handwriting using correct formation as well as correct placement on handwriting lines

comprehension questions after nightly reading

showing evidence from the book to answer the question

answering questions in complete sentences

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