Ice Ball

The Best Ice Ball

One would think that since water is clear, ice would be clear too. This doesn’t happen to be the case, air and impurities tend to leave a cloudy portion to the ice. Only water that has been frozen rapidly, from the bottom to the top, produces perfectly clear ice. Clear ice is better tasting, because it does not contain the impurities of cloudy ice.

Always use the oldest ice balls first, for the best taste. Ice that sits in the freezer tends to pick up the flavors of the objects around it. That being said, never freeze, or store, ice balls near fish or other strongly flavored foods. This will cause your drink to have a fishy, or other undesirable, aftertaste.

Ice balls can be the perfect addition to any drink, because they melt slowly, and keep your drink the right temperature, until you finish it.FDA approved, 100% food grade silicone ice ball molds produce the best looking, and tasting, ice balls. Silicone ice ball molds are BPA free, and do not leave an aftertaste, like the plastic ice ball molds.

Silicone ice ball molds are very easy to use. Simply snap the two halves of the mold together, and fill with water, to the fill line. Place in the freezer until frozen solid. Then, just before you are ready to use,set the silicone mold out for five to seven minutes, to release the ice from the mold. Finally, gently peel the silicone mold off of the ice ball, and add to your favorite drink.

Ice balls can be used to infuse flavor in your drinks. You can add fresh fruit, or herbs, when freezing them. This can add a subtle hint of flavor, like lemon or mint, to your drink. These little additions can improve the flavor of your drink, while looking pretty neat too.

Ice balls can also be used in a variety of ways. Including, being used in a cooler to keep food and drinks cold. Usingice balls may be preferable when going on picnics, as they melt more slowly than traditional ice cubes.

The perfect ice ball is one that enhances the flavor of your drink. One that keeps your drink the right temperature, without watering it down. One that is versatile, and can be used in many applications. Also, the perfect ice ball looks good, too.