Presidential Process

By Kendall Cotton

Self Announcement , Caucuses , Convection , Primary Elections

these are the steps to take to start off your process.

* self announcement goes along with starting and announcing which office your running for. weather its self nominating or being nominated

* caucuses is a meeting of party members who basically nominate you to run for the election

*Convection similar to a caucuses but also different but its when only party members take part and nominate but its open to the public and represent party members who aint there

*Primary Elections is when more than one member of a political party seeks the same office and and direct primary having two types a closed and a open

-closed -only voters registered as party members can vote in selecting that partys canidates

open-any registered voter may either vote In party primary section but only one of them

Requirements and Behavior

*party identification-when voters use this advantage and responds to canidates party affiliation.(republican democrat)

*issues the views of voters on issues that's important to them

(taxes, abortion, health benefits)

*Background Voter's) (gender, race, family, beliefs, income, education)

*Background Canidates) (integrity, age, gender, character)

Election Information

voting day-dates set by law first Tuesday following first Monday in November of every even numbered year

absentee ballots-ballot that gets submitted on or before election day by a voter who cant be present on the day of the election


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