The Road to Perseverance

Overcoming Obstacles By Evaughn Peeler

Does being a Family make you technically the same? Ratchet and Dad from Nancy J Cavanaugh's, This Journal Belongs to Ratchet (Compare/Contrast)

Ratchet and Dad have always technically had most of the same things happen to them in their lifetime, Or if not, it always has a dramatic effect on them. For example, In the story, Dad had an accident with his thumb, and that caused Ratchet to have to his job, and since she is also home schooled, she had more work to catch up to. Dad always had to attend City Council meetings, and when he did, he always wore this shirt that says something like "Why am I surrounded by a bunch of Idiots?" and when people recognized it was Ratchet's Dad, Ratchet was made fun of as people passed by her house and watched her fix cars in her garage. Ratchet always gets criticized for looking like she just came out of a trash can, or her clothes specifically. Ratchet also had no friends, because she never got to go places, Her dad was a complete "Psycho" because he only fixed cars, worried about the environment, and attended meetings and talked about things no one cares about. Ratchet is seen as just a tool, hence the name Ratchet, a tool. On the bright side of things, Dad got his plan approved for saving the Moss Tree Park. Ratchet, finally made a few friends when helping the people that used to bully her out with a Go-cart building class. Ratchet also met one of her friends' mothers. She really liked the Mom, and was able to share most of her feelings with her. Ratchet and Her friends and family had a celebration at Moss Tree Park, so they were all brought together. They shared some of the same pain, and gains.

Unstoppable Story, What Maxcy Filer accomplished (Cause/Effect)

Some Adversities that Maxcy Filer faced was that he was not able to ever pass the Bar Exam, and it took years to finally pass. It affected him in a fitting way, because all he ever thought of was "If I fail, it's another lesson being learned for next time I try" and he kept striving for passing that exam. He could have just given up, but he decided to spend all of his time and money taking the test over and over again. By the time he passed, most people were considering retirement. He was still focused on passing, and with gained experiences, he eventually did.

The time period really had no effect on him, He had to take the Bar Exam about 47 times until he finally passed, but he was proud to finally pass.

Maxcy Filer impacted the world later on, because it was a sign that people could try harder and still succeed no matter how much they have failed. People were inspired to get into more fields of work, and work harder than they would have if this wasn't a set example for them.

Spare Parts, Facing Adversity (Problem/Solution)

The Underwater Robotics Team had a lot of adversities to face. One especially being that they were Illegal Immigrants, and they were Mexican. A lot of people believe that they can't do anything, simply because they were Illegal. They came from a poor town, and they didn't have a lot of money when they crossed the border. When they came to America, they weren't really treated fairly. They responded by continuing to do their work. They went to Carl Hayden, and joined the Robotics team. They built a robot named Stinky, and since they were Poor, they got a lot of cheap parts for their robot. They won the First Competition, and triumphed. They all eventually got Green Cards to stay in the United States.

Nadja on my Way, give up, or succeed? Which path is right? (Sequencing)

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J.K. Rowling finding where she belongs, or feeling exhausted trying. (Description)

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