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CONGRATULATIONS on starting your OWN business!

Hello and Welcome! My name is Ashley Pfeffer and I am currently a Team Leader with Origami Owl. I am considered your "upline" or mentor. We will work TOGETHER to help you build a successful business!

In Direct Sales we use the terms Upline and a Downline constantly. Your Upline consists of your mentor, their mentor and your Upline Leaders. Your Downline consists of Designers you brought in, everyone they brought in and so on.

Here is a list of your Upline Leaders:
Ashley Pfeffer ~ Team Leader
Christie Kerslake ~ Senior Team Leader
Corina Mitchell ~ Executive Team Leader
Leesa Miller ~ Executive Team Leader
Tiffany Golden ~ Director
Tami & Madi Butcher ~ Senior Director

I have added you to the following Facebook groups:
Charming Sisters
Dazzling Owls Family
Team Believe

Please browse these groups and check out the files tab on the top tabs and look for documents you might find useful.
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Take a look at this amazing program that Origami Owl put together for new designers. What's better than earning FREE stuff for ROCKIN' your BIZ!

Selecting your Email and Facebook Fanpage

When you choose your email address you will use for Origami Owl, be sure you choose something simple. If it's very long, it may make it hard to fit on your business cards. There is a list of proprietary terms that designers cannot use in any advertisement and in email addresses too.

The following is a list of Origami Owl’s proprietary terms you cannot use:
Origami Owl
Living Lockets
Hoot Loot
Jewelry Bar
Owl always love you
You tell stories with words…we tell stories with jewelry
The OWL mascot image
Every locket tells a story

When setting up your Facebook Fan Page, Origami Owl has guidelines for creating your title for that page. Please be sure to use the format below.

Ashley Pfeffer - Origami Owl, Independent Designer
Ashley Pfeffer - Origami Owl, Independent Designer #41073

I do recommend adding your designer number...If anyone is interested in signing up, they will have that information right in front of them.

Origami Owl Resources

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