UC 1000 Student Success in College

A Gaming-based approach

Who should enroll?

This course is designed for first and second year students who either self-identify or are identified from referral as needing extra assistance in gaining additional study, life, financial, and relationship skills during their beginning years of college. Learners in the past have been students identified with executive function disorders, students having trouble adjusting to college life, student athletes who wish to learn school-life balance, and those who enjoy the world of knowledge brought to them through the gaming experience.

What will you get out of this course?

The learners in this course will achieve:

1. Gain additional knowledge on prioritization in life, studying, and financial practices

2. Complete financial aid forms and create a budget based on goals and responsibilities: Gamification of these activities will take the form of two mystery games (SolveIT and DiscoverIT).

3. Discover new ways of note-taking, analysis of notes, re-train study habits, design a note taking system that works for them (Student will learn techniques through watching and participating in gaming sessions.

4. Develop relationship skills for peer, career, and social interaction

5. Enhance and improve writing skills: Students will create an avatar in the game Skyrim and use this character as their basis for writing about biographic, financial, and relationships

For more information, please contact pooleo@appstate.edu

More information to come!

What is gaming? Gaming includes both board games, online and video games, and other avatar-based play experiences. Gaming requires strategy, tactical knowledge, development of purpose and goal setting, and situational analysis and awareness- all essential of college and life success.

What will this course teach me that others will not? This course is designed for the online learner to engage with others in a fully online experience using various media to engage with the learning community, enhance the level of shared educational experience, and to boldly go where no other student success course has gone before. Really. Student will help create content for future courses through this course!

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