The Wayne Weekly

Week of December 7th

Faculty Meeting - today at 2:30 in the PAC


1. Instructions on broadcasting on PA - Barry VanNostrand

2. Copyright Compliance Information-Priscilla Beaujon

3. Formative Assessment Strategies - Brittney Pulcini

Reminder: Fire Inspection is today at 11:30.

What is a common assessment? Does it mean the exact same assessment?

“Common assessment means student learning will be assessed using the same instrument or process and according to the same criteria.”

—DuFour, DuFour, Eaker, & Many, 2010, p. 63

Common assessments are a useful tool for calibrating teachers’ decisions about what to teach, student outcomes, instructional feedback and classroom practice. They are not intended to standardize teaching.

There are many benefits to common assessments. These include:

1) Consistent expectations within a common course regarding standards, learning targets, and assessment priorities.

2) Agreed-upon criteria for proficiency to be met within each individual class of that course.

3) Objective feedback regarding student attainment of the learning targets allows teachers to modify instruction to better meet the learning needs of all students.

4) Ongoing collaboration opportunities for teachers who have a common course.


If you have a day or block that you would like to sign out a Google Chromebook to use and check out, please speak to Priscilla and she will work with you to arrange a time so you can utilize and become familiar with the device.

At this point, these Chromebooks are only to be used with classes in the library. We are encouraging staff members to meet with Priscilla to determine how these devices can best enhance student learning.

If you want to hear how others are utilizing Chromebooks, check out the Google Classroom and Chromebooks technology session on December 8th at 3:30 in the MS Computer Lab (3B).

3 Week Reports (Spreadsheet attached to the email)

Attached is the three week report for next week for the Graduation Requirements. Please be aware:

· Winter sports will not be reported until February

· Clubs will not be reported until January

· Seniors MUST have their community service hours completed by January 15

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