Distance Learning Academy K-5

Q and A Information Session tomorrow @ 2:00 P.M.

K-5 Distance Learning Families

We hope you are getting in a good routine at home with school. You are doing GREAT! We wanted to reach out to you to answer some frequently asked questions. Remember, every question is a good question!

Question: What do I do with all the worksheets my student completes? Do we drop them off?

Answer: You don’t have to turn in every single assignment. The only assignments that need to be turned in, are the assignments that prompt you to submit it.

Question: In Edmentum it says that my student is not progressing and behind. It shows they are missing assignments.

Answer: Disregard that information, the start date is incorrect in edmentum. As long as you are logging in and completing assignments each day, you are not behind and you are where you need to be.

Question: What do we do for attendance?

Answer: When you log in to edmentum it is recording you as present for school.

Question: We are having a hard time uploading a document, it is not working!? .

Answer: Sometimes you can type your answers in a text box. If it is asking you to upload a file, please save it as a PDF before attaching. You can always do your work in a notebook and take a picture with your chromebook. You can then upload that picture.

*Uploading a document or picture is an important piece of distance learning assignments. If you do not know how to do this, please contact your childs’ teacher so we can help you.*

Question: What if my child got the work wrong?

Answer: Your child’s teacher will send the work back for a retake to fix mistakes. Please make sure you are going back and fixing them. Please send them to your teacher again.

We know that you may have more questions. For this reason we would like to do another Q&A with the distance learning teachers and principal on Wednesday @ 2 P.M.

Click HERE to join the informational session at 2:00 P.M.

How to upload a document in calvert learning

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Thank you and hope you can join the Q and A Google Meet session tomorrow

David S. Treichel

Principal Distance Learning Academy

Norse Area Learning Center Principal

Director of Teaching and Learning