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  • Measurable: We measure kids’ times against the nationwide FITNESSGRAM test’s age-graded standards. We encourage them to attain performances in the Cooper Institute’s “Healthy Fitness Zone”, which represents a fitness level offering protection against sedentary-related health problems. EDIT PLEASE???
  • Academic Benefits: Studies link adequate physical activity with improved academic performance, classroom behavior/attention levels and self-esteem.
  • Evolved Values: Students strive for personal improvement, with results-based motivators de-emphasized in favor of cultivating a pure motivation.
  • Complementary: Individual cardiovascular exercise complements P.E. curriculum focused on cooperative skills and hand-eye coordination.
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    Keeping our students motivated

    PRIZES NEEDED FOR STUDENTS: The Mileage Club is always looking for small prizes for the weekly participation drawings. Most of the items we find come from the Oriental Trading Company but they could be almost any fun, non-edible item. If you would like to contribute please leave them in the front office or drop them by Miss Gallager's office in the MPR. EDIT PLEASE

    Partnering our program?

    Perfect Partners: Coyote Milers feels the perfect partner for our running program is you! Join us on Tuesdays and Thursday during your child's lunch hour and see what a difference this program will make in your family. If you would like to help please sign up at