John Locke and Karl marx

By Hannah Miller

Who was he?


- Natural rights

-Protects people's property

-His ideas based on Declaration and constitution.

About John locke

John Locke was born on August 29, 1632, he went to the University of Oxford and studied medicine while he was there he met lord Ashley and after awhile they asked him to move to london and become shaftesbury (lord ashley) personal physician. After that he became his secretary of presentation. He was a strong influential philosopher. He wrote about political, and educational. And made an impact on modern western philosophy. He died October 28, 1704.

Who was he?




About Karl Marx

Karl marx was born May 5,1818. He went to the University of bonn. But after 1 semester he got in trouble, so his dad wanted him to go to the university of Berlin because it was more powerful and strict. And there he studied law and Philosophy. His work categorized governmental systems throughout history into 6 stages. He believed the the economy and relationships were driving force behind government and society. Power and wealth determined by the system. He died on March 14,1883