National Museum of the Pacific War

Virtual Tour | National Museum of the Pacific War in Fredericksburg, TX

The National Museum of the Pacific War honors the millions of Americans who stood for freedom and democracy and to defeat the enemy in World War II's Asiatic-Pacific Theater World War II.

Spread across six acres, the Museum complex encompasses more than 50,000 square feet of indoor exhibits, state‐of‐the‐art archives and collections, and interactive media presentations, in addition to outdoor exhibits and memorials.

If it's too far to bring your students to the National Museum of the Pacific War even though it’s free admission? We understand! Nothing can replace the thrill of visiting our museum but we hope you will grant us the opportunity to come to your classroom at no cost through live, interactive videoconferencing to share the history of WWII with your students. Our 30-45 minute programs are aligned with both the TEKS and national standards with time at the end for Q&A. We also offer virtual tours of the museum by request. We look forward to continuing our motto which was established over 50 years ago at the request of Admiral Nimitz “inspiring our youth by honoring our hero’s ”.

Any program may be requested at your preferred date/time by contacting or (830)997-8600 x216.

To see our scheduled programs go to Connect2Texas and select National Museum of the Pacific War in the program filter.

Admiral Nimitz: A Lesson in Leadership and Good Citizenship

Grades: 5-8

Cost: FREE

Length: 45 minutes

This program is ONLY available by request.

These activities are designed to allow 5th-8th grade students to become actively engaged in discussions around good citizenship and leadership qualities as they pertain to Admiral Nimitz and World War II. The intent of this lesson is to help students connect to the broader story of the war in the Pacific by finding similarities between their life and the lives of those impacted by World War II. Two activities are included so that teachers may choose the one that best fits their class's interests, needs, and dynamics. Furthermore, these activities will prepare students for interactive discussion surrounding artifacts, anecdotes, and inside looks into the war in the Pacific. After students have completed the lesson, an exit ticket will allow students to activate critical thinking and identify aspects of good citizenship and leadership that they think made an impact on America during World War II.

Essential Questions:

What makes someone a good leader? Why?

What happens when people give up? What happens when they decide not to give up?

America Goes To War, Industrial Production Key To Victory

Grade: 5

Cost: FREE

Length: 45 minutes

This lesson is designed to provide 5th graders with an overview of key events that led to the United States entering WWII. Students will also kinesthetically experience the dramatic production differences between the U.S. and Japan that contributed to America's victory. The intent of this lesson is for students to have an eye opening realization about the differences in industrial production between America and Japan.

Essential Questions:

How was the US attempting to stay out of the war?

How did US resources and production compare to Japan?

How did the US production contribute to the American victory in WWII?

Texas and Texans During WWII

Grade: 7

Cost: FREE

Length: 45 minutes

This lesson is designed so students learn about the roll that Texas played in WWII and to engage students in thinking about how race, gender, and class influence historical perspectives and events. The biographies of the four Texans presented in the lesson when used together will demonstrates how WWII changed each of the participant’s lives and highlights the social issues and consequent changes in American society.

Essential Questions:

Identify Texas’s role in helping the US win WWII.

Identify the contributions of four famous Texans in WWII and analyze the obstacles each overcame in their paths to success.

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