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Media, Media literate

media and media literate

Media is an important medium that send information to connect people. Now days, we use media a lot, and people call these days “information era”. Since people continuously find new media, we have data communication, internet mail, and cable TV. Almost every house has at least one computer which was used by professional about 10 years ago. However, because of high-speed communication network, computers nestle in the center of our life. With one computer with internet network, people can meet all types of Media easily. However, there is bad effect behind the benefits of convenient media which is people don’t communicate face to face. Media has been poorly used by people now days. In my opinion media is even controlled by government such as a search engine. In Korea, government release celebrities’ secret news whenever president got in to a trouble to handle the finger of suspicion. Media has been overly and poorly used especially internet network. As time goes by, the average generation of starting communicates by media is getting lower. My sister who is only 3 years old already knows how to click the YouTube video by phone and watch it while I didn’t even know the existence of mobile media at age of 3. In my opinion people and even my 3 years-old sister should have right education for using media properly.

Media literate is like one times one item which is media plus literature. I believe that media literate is more convenient to see and find. People can find any books and poem by just searching few words related to the title. I watched many movies and dramas which are from internet cartoons and book. Since we prefer things that we can see and hear, we often watch movie rather than reading a book. For example, few of my teachers show video lecture and fun learning video every day because they believe that help us to memorize more and it might be fresh in memory longer. Media literate is one plus one which makes two if you use it properly.


Rhetorical precis

A Heinz ketchup commercial by Cramer- Krasselt asserts that where there’s happy, it has to be Heinz ketchup.

Heinz supports their assertion by setting the background music, “If You’re Happy and You Know It” and casting broad age groups who enjoy ketchup anytime in the commercial.

The company’s purpose of commercial is to point out that the image of Heinz’s ketchup is intimate and could bring consumer happiness and luck so that consumer be enthralled and buy the ketchup without hesitation.

Company uses genial tone for all age groups who like ketchup.
Heinz 2014 Super Bowl Commercial

who is the real winner (Satire)

Adelina Sotnikova has an Olympic gold medal in women’s figure skating and it was the first time Russia got gold medal in women’s figure skating. First time and hopefully last time for their figure skating history in Olympics.

She needed to do anything but home-cooking to get a gold medal. “It helped a lot that I did not participate in the team event. I got really angry and decided I will get a gold medal in the individual event,” Sotonikova said through a translator. How dare she tells people she has right to have the Gold medal.

Never mind that she had won the medal by home-cooking otherwise, I would get in a trouble by saying that. Kim on the other side of hand, known as the “Queen” in South Korea got silver behind Sotnikova. “I was angry,” Bang Sang ah, a skating commentator for South Korea’s television station, said in a local radio interview. All Korean believed that Queen did enough to keep her clown. The Sochi isn't bad; they just have lost their mind on judging Queen or got beautiful and cheap full bags behind the stages. Because the judges have too good eyes or have too good visions, they failed to watch Queen’s perfect performance and had sympathy while watching imperfect Sotnikova’s performance.

They probably don’t know how to judge Queen’s performance since she has too high levels of skills. Queen didn't’ cry nor stand up for home-cooking because Queen the angel satisfied with the fact that she finished the performance well. Sotnikova thought she won the clown and it’s all fair while she knows judges personally well. .

Sotnikova did her best circus at Gala show while Queen sprayed gold dust which cleaned our eyes after Stonikova’s performance.

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Artist: Beyonce

This song is Beyoncé’s self-titled album in 2009. This song is somehow related to the book of 1984. In the book of 1984, Winston seeks for the freedom and wants to get out from the control of the upper power, the party. Winston and Julia both try their best to keep their relationship secret, but somewhat they want to be together officially. The song is explaining that people could seek for a love and get what they want to live but not truthfulness. This is how Oceania controls the people in the book. Winston mentions his wife who always thinks something for the party and for the country who doesn’t have truthfulness to Winston. For the chorus, Beyoncé highlight that everybody is so untrue. This explains how people in Oceania think each other. The highlight ends with “all I want is someone I can believe” while Winston says that everybody spy each other and kids are spying on their parent. Winston liked to be with someone who shows the truthfulness, and Julia is the only one he could think the person who wouldn’t betray him. However, Julia betrays him and he himself betrays Julia too. This is the contradictions to the reader. I can see that the Honesty by Beyoncé is explaining it too. People think everyone has no truthfulness, but the fact is that they shouldn’t feel sense of betrayal because they themselves don’t have such a thing. In a love relationship and even among people who share same blood, it is not easy to share the truthfulness is the main theme I got from the song of Honesty. And I learned similar thing from the book of 1984. One word to explain the theme of 1984 is the stupid powers of the world control the people even they themselves can’t’ control their own action.


If you search
For tenderness
It isn't hard to find
You can have the love
You need to live
But if you look
For truthfulness
You might just
As well be blind
It always seems to be
So hard to give

Is such a lonely word
Everyone is so untrue
Is hardly ever heard
And mostly
What I need from you

I can always
Find someone
To say
They sympathize
If I wear my heart
Out on my sleeve
But I don't want
Some pretty face
To tell me
Pretty lies
All I want
Is someone
To believe


I can find a lover
I can find a friend
I can have security
Until the bitter end
Anyone can comfort me
With promises again
I know, I know

When I'm deep
Inside of me
Don't be
Too concerned
I won't ask
For nothin'
While I'm gone
But when I want
Tell me where else
Can I turn
You're the one
That I depend upon


Beyonce - Honesty

Media literature

I learned many things in Senior Media literature class. I would say that not only I learned many things but also could take something from this class to college. Since it was harder to be focus on assignment in senior year, I became so much lazy to do my assignment. However, my teacher, Mr.Jopf, pushed me in a positive way to the right track. In Media literature, I found out that how media affect to people and to whole world. And I realized that how important it is to be careful in the internet world since everybody is watching me. The media literature is different than other class because it uses word “media” to make us realize how media has influenced to people, how they are influencing, and how they will affect in a future. To make this class better for senior is to give them a small assignment and make it charges more credits. And announce the assignment before a week to work on. This is how Mr. Jopf already did in my class. No excuses are permitted since he announced before a week. All students in my class kept in track for a semester. I will especially remember the book of 1984 after I graduate the high school, this media literature class means a lot to me because it was great time to look back on my grammar mistakes. I liked how my teacher treat me same as other student regardless of my skin color and broken English. I usually don’t read the books a lot, however, I bought Korean version of the book of 1984 to read more details. I started to feel reading gives me strength and good engine gas to fire my brain. In my opinion, Media literature sounds so much fun compared to British literature.