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A brochure for your trial

In civil case, if you accuse of somebody for complaint and to start a legal action, you are a plaintiff. And if you are accused, you become a defendant. Once the complaint from the plaintiff is received, the court sends a summons, a notice directing someone to appear in court to answer a complaint or a charge. Before trial, both sides have to prepare pretrial conference and select the attorneys. On the day of trial, the lawyers from both sides can meet together and gather evidence their case for the possibility of pleadings. If both sides agree with mediation or arbitration to settle the case, a trial is not needed to proceed. However, if they disagree, they go to a trial and present the preponderance of evidence to draw a favorable verdict. If one side does not agree with the verdict, one can appeal the case to the higher court.

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Prepared by Eunmyung’s law firm

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