What is HIV / AIDS

A virus that spread through the body. You can get it through sexually contact.


  • 8 out 10 children I'm the world whose parents have died of AIDs live in subsaharan Africa.
  • Orphaned as result of AIDs rose from 3.5%-32%.
  • Most people 25-45 years old die the most because of AIDs.
  • 25 million people has AIDs and HIV in Africa.
  • Adults HIV population is going down.
  • Uganda campaign is a the only countries that has kept it successful under control.
  • 91% of the world HIV-positive children live in Africa.
  • 71% of the HIV and AIDs related deaths in 2011 were people living in Africa.
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Difference between HIV and AIDs

HIV is cause by AIDs. HIV takes over the white blood cells. Which disables the immune system which stop from fighting off viruses bacteria and other organisms.

AIDs is a condition in which the HIV which virus impaired the immune system, making the body more vulnerable to certain disease known as opportunistic infection.