Grade 3 - Ecosystems

Some resources for your Ecosystem unit.

Build Your Wild Self!

Introduce students to this site using your interactive whiteboard or projector before allowing them to explore it to show them the different parts.

You can have students create their own ecosystem prior to going to the site, then have them create a Wild Self to fit into that ecosystem. Or, have them create their Wild Self first, then create the ecosystem with the information given about it at the end. There are ecosystem backgrounds in Pixie (Science template section) to use to put the information on.

Using the information about their new Wild Self species and their research on ecosystems, students can create a brochure in Pixie to inform people of this new ecosystem.

Also using Pixie, students can create a postcard from their new ecosystem which it describes the land, climate, food....


Grassland ecosystems
Bill Nye: The Science Guy - Biodiversity (Full Episode)
Teaching resource: Plant Adaptations
Bill Nye the Science Guy episodes 57: Wetlands
The Ocean We Want To Know - Animated Parody of Gotye's Somebody That I Used To Know

Ocean Videos

Desert Videos

A group of short videos about the Desert.
34 BillNye-Forests

Games and Other Lessons

All can be played via your projector or in the lab or as a center with laptops: - different games all on animals from the San Diego Zoo. - living and nonliving things - food chain quiz - 2 BrainPop Jr. Videos on frogs and Freshwater habitats - a lesson plan about the 5 ecosystems