National Health Education Bureau

Helping employees stay Healthy

Personalized Health and Wellness Programs and Resources

National Health Education Bureau is a non profit group of health professionals dedicated to bringing health and wellness programs and resources that are personalized to help meet the needs of each person, whether he or she is healthy or dealing with a new or ongoing health issue. Our programs cover a variety of care, and give people ways to stay healthy and prevent more serious issues. This can lead to:

Improved productivity and employee retention

Better employee health and morale

Lower health-related costs

Simple Steps To A Healthier Life

This online program includes a health assessment. The personalized results will help members understand where they’re at risk and what they can do. The program includes a personalized consultation to review your results. Topics include:

Relieving stress

Eating healthy and getting physical activity

Sleeping better

Quitting tobacco

Managing stress & depression

Increasing physical activity

Personal health and wellness coaching

A support network boosts people’s chances for meeting their health goals. Our health coaches can help you to set and achieve meaningful health goals, from managing stress to maintaining a healthy weight.

Workplace wellness

To inspire healthier people, we believe in going straight to the source. We can bring health-promoting services to the workplace, such as:

On-site biometric screenings

Educational workshops

Health awareness campaigns

Metabolic syndrome solution

Affecting almost 35% of adults in the United States*, metabolic syndrome is one of the fastest growing health issues. Metabolic syndrome is a grouping of five risk factors:

Large waist size (>35 inches for women, >40 inches for men)

High blood pressure

High triglycerides

Low HDL (“good”) cholesterol

High blood sugar

Anyone with three or more of these risk factors is at risk for metabolic syndrome. This combination makes people twice as likely to develop heart disease and five times as likely to develop diabetes, compared with people who do not have metabolic syndrome.

Improving these measures now can help to prevent serious — and costly — health conditions. In many cases, lifestyle changes can help, such as increased exercise and improved diet.

To help combat metabolic syndrome, our approach focuses on:

Identification – Understanding the health and potential risk factors of each employer’s working population

Intervention – Helping employers clarify their goals in this area

Incentivising – Connecting incentives to specific results, which can help to improve health

Implementing – Taking the information and goals and turning them into a detailed action plan

Our solution encompasses an array of our programs and can be adapted to any group, from those just starting to develop a wellness strategy to those with a mature strategy already in place.

Get Moving!

We partner with a variety of fitness options to help you reach your goal of using fitness to increase your employees productivity & energy levels, and reduce stress and absenteeism.