Health Concerns


Children's hearing is usually well developed by middle childhood.

Awareness of mid range sounds develops first.

High rang and low range awareness

Ear infections can be a health problem.

Left untreated can cause permanent hearing.

The eustachian tube, which connects the middle ear to the throat, has changed positions.

This change helps prevent bacteria and fluids from moving from the mouth and ear.


Most children are ready to read.

they can see an object with both eyes at the same time.

Their ability to focus improves.

many preschool children are somewhat farsighted.

Nearsighted is the most common vision problem.

estimated as many as 25 percent of children will need their vision corrected by the end of school years.

its important that children's vision be checked regularly to detect any problems.

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They begin to lose primary teeth

1st and 2nd usually become toothless smiles

lower an upper teeth fall out first

by 12, all 20 primary teeth will be gone

gradually the facial bones will grow

tooth loss can be come self-conscious

calling attention to the change may be uncomfortable

a common problem is tooth decay

you should promote good dental health

brush your teeth witht he children after snack

eat a well balanced diet

avoid high sugar foods

encourage parents to take their children to the dentist


excessive body fat

if you weight 20% more than other kids

affects 25% of school-age kids

can become serious impact on a childs emotional health

often teased and ridiculed by other peers

may have fewer friends

last to be selected for groups

may lack self-esteem

may have overweight parents

may be inherited

environment can be a contributing factor.

the child will over eat if family members do to

childrens eating habits can come from abuse, divorce

need to be shown what portions to eat

encouraged to exercise more

need help overcoming emotional problems

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