Project 4: Laser Engraver

By: Zach Fuller


We got to use the Laser Engraver on our fourth project. First we had to decided what we wanted to print on. I choose coasters because I needed some down for my room since I do not want to ruin my desk. Then we had to decide what kind of holiday you want to put on it I choose 4th of July because I thought that I could make some really cool flag designs. We then used the program called Adobe Illustrator to create our design. After that we had to go out and buy our coasters, I just brought some of our old ones from home so it did not cost me anything. After that we put it on the laser engraver and watched it engrave. The final step I had was to apply a coat to my project so it didn't ruin the wood.

Possible Customers?

My product could be sold anywhere they really sell coasters. Many of my friends were wondering where I got them because they said that the coasters looked cool. Another place you could sell them at is at a store like Pier One Goods. This is where we originally bought the coasters from and they had lots of other coaster designs similar to mine. I could also put my designs on other types of coaster so if someone wanted to get a coaster they could bring what coaster they want it on and I can just engrave it and charge them money. I was also thinking about making other ones that were also similar to how this one looked.


I did not have that many problems during this project but one that I had was using path finder to cut all of my stripes and stars to fit inside the circle. My teachers and I finally figured it out after about a day and that is when I finished it. My final problem was arranging the colors so they it looked cool. I decided not to cut out the stars because I did not want the condensation to leak on to the table. So then I just left the stars normal and made a thin engrave on the blue of the flag.

What did I learn?

I learned how to correctly use the Laser Engraver by using the coordinates to line up my project so that it printed in the circle correctly. I also learned how to apply a coat onto wood that needs a finish so that it would not ruin the wood if I placed something that was wet on it. Another thing I learned was that you should not make copies of you Smores because they just disappear, and also not to procrastinate them to the last minute.