Opportunity Development Center



ODC is a private non profit organization. We provide many services to individuals with disabilities. Our Community Employment Program works with area businesses to provide work experiences and employment opportunities supported by ODC staff, who offer ongoing assistance to ensure that each employer/employee relationship is successful. Partnerships with local, regional and national companies provide work opportunities within our Center-Based Employment and Vocational Training Program. Our CommunityConnect Day Services Program provides life skills training and promotes inclusion, participation and contribution in all aspects of community life.

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To receive services from ODC, a person must be of working age and show voluntary participation in the program. The person must also have a disability or another barrier to employment. Someone must also have transportation to and from job site, as well as make arrangements for any self care needs he/she may have. The person must also not be harmful to him/herself as well as others around him/her. In order for eligibility a person must have a 3rd party sponsorship where contact from that party to ODC begins the process. A person must also be able to follow rules on the job, including rules, policies and procedures.

Agency Interaction with Schools, Parents and Youth

ODC is very interactive with schools, parents, and youth. The staff are often in the school or communicated with school faculty about students and placement after graduation.

Staff at ODC also must communicate a lot with the student’s family to talk about the best plan for each individual and discuss his/her strengths to place him/her in the best setting.

ODC is mainly a large part of the transition process for students leaving high school or growing older. We begin services while individuals are still in school and continue far after schooling is complete. We do not only provide individuals with an opportunity to work at their own facility but also help find people jobs throughout the community.

Contact Information

We our staff is available Monday through Friday 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM. With facilities in Wisconsin Rapids and Marshfield, Wisconsin. Our agency serves Wood County as well as all surrounding Counties as well, including Adams and Portage. We accept referrals from any County as long as the individual has transportation to the place of work.

Agency History

ODC was founded in 1965, as this will be our 50th year in business! Our agency began from a group of people who were parents to children with disabilities. When their children were graduating from high school they were unsure and worried what there children would do now. From there they decided to start a program for individuals with disabilities where they would be able to be independent and work, as well as make money.


ODC is state and federally funded. Our agency is evaluated by the state as they have certain regulations they must follow. ODC is evaluated annually to determine if we are meeting our guidelines. If we are failing to meet guidelines we discuss the problem and how to fix it.

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