World History Semester Review 2

Frida Alvarez Sanchez


*Discovered 4 moons of jupiter

*improved telescoped


*philosopher that made a study of government

*Believed in Separation of power.

Congress of Vienna

*Planned the post Napoleonic world and rebuilt Europe.

* Created a balance of power in Europe.

Russian Revolution

* The Bolsheviks outs the Romanov's

* The Romanov's ruled Russia for 300 years.


*Ruler holds total power.

* Tired to the Divine Rights of Kings.

John Locke

* Against absolute rule of one person

*Believed in life, liberty and prosperity.

Spark of WWI

*Archduke Fernandez was assassinated

Treaty of Versailes

*officially need WWI


Nicholas Copernicus


*Believed sun was center of universe.

Reign of Terror

* French Revolution

*Spark by the storming of the bastille.