Abuela's Kitchen

Adding that flavorful touch to compliment your event

specializing in a wide range of different menus and delicacies from around the world that provides you with the options and comfort to decide your theme.

Our company stands by the rule that was told to me from a well known chef before i become one...

(Cook this dish as if you were going to serve your mother)
So the quality and the passion we put into our food is at the highest of expectations,
So that we see our mothers smile threw you.

Name the dish and we can make it, Every thing is fresh and organic, prepared in the wee mornings of your event

We are available all year round 7 days a week.

Call and schedule an appointment for a taste testing

Company Information

Remember to please give a 3 Days notice of your up coming event, However willing to work on a short notice if space is open.