Personal Wellness

Police Officers With Physical And Social Wellness

Physical Wellness- In Control

Free of dependencies, smoking, alcohol and drugs.

Police officers need to stay in good health and shape to be able to do their job.

Physical training is needed and staying in shape throughout their career. They are not involved in drugs and alcohol because their job is to prevent other people from doing drugs and drinking, smoking, etc.

Physical Wellness- Prevention

Preventive Exams, immunizations, and safety.

Police Officers are required to get a Hepatitis C shot. Not only do police officers work with the sector of the population most at risk (prison, drug users, drunks) but they are also first responders to motor vehicle accidents and domestic disputes.

Mental Wellness- Outlook/Emotions

Happy, content, positive outlook, good coping skills.

Police officers need to be sure that they keep their emotional health in check because they cannot be worrying about their own emotional stress when they're trying to help someone else with their stress levels that need help. Many police officers go to psycologists to keep their minds clear of problems and if they need someone to listen. They also need to keep a positive outlook on everyday life. They are role models to people who are trying to acquire these traits.

Maintaining Optimum Health

Police Officers who keep a healthy body and mind are sure to have a happier and healthier life. There is always room for improvement, which will only improve you and your life.

Maintaining a calm mind and fit body will help Police officers in their job and will also help their lives outside of work and their families and friends, even people around them.

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