Realistic Fiction-

Daily life...and all the usual problems.

Looking for a little reality?

Then you've come to the right place! Realistic Fiction explores numerous storylines in which the characters are dealing with everyday issues. These issues range from friendships, family relationships, love, abuse, school and more.

Caught up in the Drama-

When Camille starts to appear in rap music videos, her close relationship with her friends in the Good Girlz is threatened by her quest for stardom.

Doing My Own Thing-

Sunday Tolliver struggles to deal with her newfound fame while her cousin Dreya and rapper Truth are determined to ruin her reputation and a reality show complicates her love life.

Going Too Far-

Forced to spend spring break in a Birmingham, Alabama, suburb riding along with an attractive rookie police officer on the night shift, rebellious seventeen-year-old Meg finds herself falling unexpectedly in love.