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Important Technology Updates

Issue #24 04/22/2015

Please take a moment to review some of these very important technology updates related to internet security, printing, email and spam.


We are aware that there has been a significant increase in spam email reaching our staff inboxes lately. We currently use Lightspeed Spam Filter. This system is no longer supported. Since we are transitioning to Gmail in a few weeks, we will not be installing an alternative solution as we will rely on Google's built in spam filtering. In the meantime, please be patient and continue to simply delete those emails. A help desk ticket is not required.

Gmail Status

We are still slated to transition to Gmail in early May.

Dana Walker and Lisa Rock have created a transition website which will be shared with you shortly. This site will include FAQs, videos and quick guides and should help everyone prepare for the switch.

On April 30th, district secretarial and support staff will receive overview training at the admin building. There will be a morning session and afternoon session run by Lisa and Dana.

Chrome Version 42

Google has made some significant changes with the latest version of Chrome on all platforms and it may be impacting websites that you currently use.

  • Plug-ins/extensions for Chrome using NPAPI format are disabled and this includes Java, Silverlight, and Safari Montage plug-ins.
  • Please try using Firefox for these applications as well as Gradebook if you have trouble launching them.
  • You may also notice a red X through the lock icon and a red line through the https in the URL window when using Outlook Web App. This is due to a change in the encryption that Google wants to see on websites now. The Outlook Web App site is fine to use despite this notice and can still be used on Chrome. Since we are converting to Gmail shortly we won't be addressing this.

Additionally for those of you using Chromebooks, when the version 42 update downloads, the desktop will look a little different. The start button on the bottom left, or what we have referred to as the "waffle", will now look like a search icon but it will function the same. Clicking on it will open another window where you can launch your apps.

No More Windows XP

Windows XP is no longer supported and as such, poses a network risk since Microsoft no longer offers security patches for them. It is possible that there are some computers running this operating system at some of our schools. Computer accounts for these systems will be deactivated at the end of the school year. If you think you have one of these computers, please let your local tech know so that they can upgrade it to Windows 7.

Anti-Virus Migration

You may notice a new anti-virus program running on the Windows computers. We are no longer using ESET NOD32. Our network is now running Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection (SCEP) for Windows anti-virus. This AV product is integrated with the program we are already using for imaging and allows us to save on yearly AV maintenance costs.

SCEP will appear on the Windows taskbar as a green icon.

Canon I-Queue Printing Update

The new copier deployment has started !

  • All small Canon copiers have been deployed to each building as of 4/21.
  • The larger Canon copiers are starting to be installed as of today and will be completed by mid-week next week.
  • If you have a Windows computer and don't see the I-Queue print queue, restart your computer and it should appear.
  • If you have a Mac computer, the new print queue is installed differently. If you don't see the I-Queue driver then contact your local tech.

For further directions on the new Canon print queue click here.

Software Updates

In an effort to keep our computers updated with all of the latest application versions, we are deploying a few new programs which will help us keep software up-to-date without requiring us to visit each computer.

Software will be deployed to all Windows computers that will run in the background to keep common applications up-to-date.

If you have a Mac, you will be prompted periodically to install available updates. You can also check for updates by running Managed Software Update in the Utilities folder. If it's not on your Mac, let your local tech know so that they can install it for you.

How To Contact Us

Dana and Lisa are Technology Staff Developers for the School District of Cheltenham Township.

We are available to come to your school or classroom.

Email us at and

Visit our technology website, Bits & Bytes.

We'd love to hear how you are using technology in your classroom.