Tierra Caliente- The Andes

Jacy Graves; World Geography


From the thick evergreen forests to the much tropical grasslands, the hot region of the Andes is full of vegetation. Cherries, papaya, bananas, coconut, and many other tropical foods can be grown and harvested successfully. Just watch out for tarantulas!


Although a swimsuit may seem appropriate for the heat, you should stay covered to avoid sun burn and protect yourself from the elements. Try loose-fitting, light clothes. Bring sun screen and a hat!

What could be better than the rainforest?! Its the lowest of the 4 Andes regions with elevations ranging from sea level to 3,000 ft.

Learn some Spanish and go on a hike! Temperatures range from 75-80 on average. Try a dip in the Amazon River!


What could be better on a hot day than a quick zip through the Amazon? For equally cooling activities, try a dip in the ocean or make your own jugo (juice) from foraged fruits! When your all cooled off, take a hike and burn some calories.


Shelter is minimal to allow air movement. Expect beachy-vibes from bamboo and wood houses with palm-thatched roofs. Hope you don't require much privacy!