Earth's Interior

Features of the Earth's Crust, Mantle and Core

The crust is the earth's outer layer. The heat of the crust is 200*C. The Crust is the place where everyone lives. The Core has two different cores. The Outer core Is completely made out of lava. The Inner core Is a Completely made out of iron. Last, The mantle It's very hot but its still solid rock.
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How do Geologist learn about Earths interior.

Geologist are unable to deep inside the Earth. Geologist have two main types of evidence to learn about the Earth's interior. They use rock samples and Indirect evidence. They use seismic waves to study the earth.

Important Vocabulary

1. Seismic waves- are energy waves that travel through the earth.

2. Pressure- is the force applied to an surface of an object.

3. Crust- is the outer layer of the earth.

4. Basalt- is a dark colored fine grained igneous rock.

5. Granite- is a light colored igneous rock.

6. Mantle- is the layer between the crust and the outer layer.

7. Lithosphere- is the solid outer section of the earth.

8. Asthenosphere- is a the highly vicious mechanical weak and ducitely

9. Outer core- is the liquid layer about 2,300 km thick

10. Inner core- is a solid ball of iron.