Library News September 2015

Important Beginning of School Year Library Info

Library Opens! Upper Level Club Opens!

The library is now open! Come on in!

Upper Level Club . There will be teacher tutors here in the library to help with homework. Stop on by, have a snack and check it out!

Locker Issues

Have questions or locker issues? See Mrs. Cooper in the Library to take care of locker needs.

Textbooks & ID cards

All students should have their textbooks by now. If they do not, please send them to the library immediately to get what they need.

ID cards - Mrs. Cooper now has the equipment to make ID cards. If you have lost your ID card you can purchase a new one from the finance office and bring the receipt to Mrs. Cooper to print the card.

See Mrs. Cooper as soon as possible to take your ID photo. The photographer will be on campus in October to take yearbook photos.

Rainy Season is Coming! Protect Your Textbooks

With the rainy El Nino season coming up shortly, the library staff strongly advise students to protect your textbooks. When backpacks get saturated, they drip water onto your books in your backpack. Students also tend to put their backpacks down on the wet floors. Water damage is water damage. You may want to carry a plastic bag in your backpack as a "just in case" option. No one wants to get charged for water damage.

Check through your TEXTBOOKS FOR DAMAGES

Wednesday, Sep. 9th, 6:30am to Friday, Sep. 25th, 2pm

2235 Chatsworth Boulevard

San Diego, CA

ALL students need to look through all textbooks issued for damages. Writing, liquid damage, graffiti, art, etc. NOT ALREADY MARKED NOTED must be brought to the attention of Mrs. Cooper and noted. She is only one person and can not do this huge task alone. All damages must be noted by September 25, 2015.