Housing In Singapore

The Past, Present & Future


Singapore's Housing In The Past

The interviewees responded that they remember memories and at least one of their memorable places are ones that are not present anymore today like the kampong and the cinema. Other memorable places are the playground,community centre and the market.some of the favourite memories people were catching spiders and playing marbles with my childhood friends and going to the attap house the first Saturday of every month.None of the interviewees wanted any changes in Tiong Bahru. They preferred the old Tiong bahru more.

In the picture, there are high-rise buildings in the background and low rise building. The low rise building has shops at the bottom and housing areas on the top. There are cars parked in front of the low rise building ad also street lamps along the road.


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Singapore's Housing In The Present : Now

In the present Singapore,the Sengkang New Town is a relatively new satellite residential town in the city state of Singapore.The town now comprises four large neighbourhoods.The town is bounded by the Tampines Expressway to the north, Sungei Serangoon to the east, Buangkok Drive to the south and Jalan Kayu to the west.Sengkang's two main rivers, Sungei Punggol and Sungei Serangoon, bring life through the town with a network of green connectors along their banks, linking housing precincts to neighbourhood parks.Besides the pilotis located at the foot of all apartment blocks, point blocks are designed with a unique C-shape that provide greater privacy. Sengkang is also the first satellite new town in Singapore to have its major public transport amenities built in tandem with the main public housing development. The buildings here are all high rise buildings, most of the being HDB flats.
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Singapore's Housing In The Future

As the future approaches towards us,we have some ideas about future housing.There will be more affordable houses for low income families.Some people would like to have no more changes to the neighbourhood. If we change their neighbourhood, they may not have their sense of belonging over there anymore and they will miss all the things that were precious to them in the past but is now changed to other things. But,for some people,they have different thoughts. Some of them would like to experience more modern facilities that could help them in their daily life.Examples can be resting facilities for the old people to rest as they get tired easily.The adults and the elderly might want facilities that can make them spend time with their children and grandchildren.
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The placement of facilities (shops, houses) along the Tiong Bahru road is located in a manner that is convenient to the residents.

1st Row Of Shops/Houses

The first row of houses/shops were filled with a majority of houses. There was only one shop at the beginning of the road the community club in between the row of houses. This once again is for the convenience of the residents. The community club is a place that residents visit frequently and since its in between many houses, people living around the community club is more accessible to facilities available there. This leads to providing good memories to the people that go there.

2nd Row Of Shops/Houses

In this row, there are more shops than houses. The shops are not very similar each other and is of a wide range. Since the first row was filled with houses, the second row is filled with shops so that the residents can purchase goods are services more easily. They just have to cross the road to purchase something. There are food stores, spas, medical shops,a clinic and even a pet house there. These areas were also filled with people, proving its convenience and accessibility.

3rd Row Of Shops/Houses

This row also has a majority in shops than houses. Among those stores, most of the shops were hardware shops and salons. There was also a 7/11 there. An ATM machine was also present. The ATM machine may have been placed in between stores so that people can collect money right before purchasing something. Once again, convenience. There were also a convenient store, a cloth shop and a Bak Kut Teh shop.
In short, the Seng Poh road is a very convenient place to live in. This may be this due to the fact that most of its residents are the elderly and since they find it difficult to walk far distances, the shopkeepers place their shops as close to the houses as possible to make it convenient for the residents as well as the shopkeepers to earn some extra profits.
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