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Message from the Chair, Julius Levy

As the newly appointed Chair for GoInspired Jamaica, I am excited at the prospect of being a part of such an inventive and inspiring movement. We are embarking on a journey that will not only provide benefit to the organisation and its employees, but a lasting legacy; inspiring and empowering Jamaicans for true independence of heart and mind.

I am proud to be a part of such initiative and will continue to serve in this position with my time and expertise. Welcome aboard professionals and thank you for your service to our countrymen. Kindly note that you will be introduced to the other members from our Board of Directors in the next issue.

Meet the new Programme Manager - Ms Roxann Davis

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I am here to help you grow!

Management Services:
  • Liaising with clients on your behalf
  • Negotiating for projects
  • Organising meetings and make representation on your behalf
  • Organising resources and coordinate events and activities for projects
  • Coordinate marketing & promotional opportunities
  • Coordinate media and other appearances

Support Services

  • Source freelance opportunities
  • Set appointments and follow up for payments and services
  • Provide support in meeting deadlines and ensuring you have what you need for completion of tasks/jobs

I assist with all these and more based on the needs of the member, so that they can maximise on their opportunities. If you have challenges, speak up so I can offer my assistance. Conditions apply.

GPN Members featured during the quarter

GPN of the Quarter

Congratulations Ms Oates on your hard work and consistent engagement in the network! We want to seize every opportunity to #ProSalute our Professional members when they exceed the satisfaction of our clients and stakeholders. Nadia was chosen this Quarter for her "outstanding" service in her Customer Service Training. She received five (5) Stars and two (2) testimonials. She was also the most active member in the GPN. Please join us in congratulating her. Who will be the next GPN featured, will it be you?

Monthly featured members

Congratulations Ms Dunkley and Mr Wynter! Keep up the good work. You were chosen based on your responsiveness, engagement and client rating.

Please note that this recognition feature of the Network only started in March 2015 and so I would also like to extend a hearty congratulations to Mrs Powell-Edwards, Ms Timul, Mr Martin, Mr Cooper for your active engagement in the Network during January 2015 and for some of you, before and after. your services have not gone unnoticed.

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About GoInspired Jamaica

GoInspired Jamaica is a non-profit organisation, here to serve Jamaicans who want or need help in order to go through life inspired and empowered so they can grow and thrive.

We maintain a list of certified and skilled professionals who are accessible, online and client friendly. Our Professional Network consists of a variety of service providers who are skilled and certified; these include coaches, counsellors, developers, trainers, managers, consultants, specialists, and so much more.

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