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Imagine a recurring dream that comes up when you close your eyes at night, of bangging and pain all wrapped up of darkness and loneliness and don’t know where to go not knowing what to do. All of these feelings and emotions are effects of Post Traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). People who get PTSD are people who were in combat or seen something traumatic in their life.

Symptoms of PTSD

PTSD is a very scary state if someone develops it. It just doesn't come overnight and it can happen to anyone even little children. And worse case scenarios simple things like fireworks or a book hitting the ground can trigger PTSD. Often people who have served in the army get PTSD. Having recurring nightmares. Over guns going off or even little things like pulling a trigger. If someone visually sees someone getting hurt or something that was horrendous and didn't happen to them PTSD can occur. But it’s different for everyone and it matters on the level of trauma. PTSD can start right after or it can take awhile to develop.

Treatment Options

This horrible disease is called PTSD is hard to manage. Women suffer the most, when a victim develops PTSD they feel like they are alone and they are stuck in a timeline and can never get out. There is treatment out there like going to see a professional mental health doctor. Or being prescribed with with medication. The biggest help is psychotherapy and when they go through this type of therapy they learn how to approach the event that was acquired. Also when the person goes through therapy a good way to cope is to talk out loud so people can know what the patient is thinking and what they are going through.The sooner someone with PTSD gets treated the sooner they can go back to their daily lives.

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