Santa Kia

Your Paradise Destination

Need a Vacation?

Santa Kia is the perfect spot to vacation. Although we're a small country, we have plenty to offer. Enjoy warm weather? Santa Kia's weather is 75 degrees or higher year round, and have plenty of beautiful beaches. We are located between The Bahamas, Jamaica, and The Dominican Republic. If you pay Santa Kia a visit, I promise you won't have a single regret.

Our Resources

Many useful resources used in everyday life are found here in Santa Kia. These include: Salt, Timber, Gold, Silver, Marble, Stone, Bauxite, Sugar, and Bananas.

Our Leaders

Are You An Animal Lover?

Here in Santa Kia, our animals have just as many rights as our citizens. Anywhere you may be within this wonderful country, there are a variety of species no farther than a mile away. Our animals are able to roam as they please.

Tired Of Spending Loads of Cash?

Not only is this the perfect place to visit, but also a perfect way to save money. Here in Santa Kia, the value of a dollar is a little different. Things here are cheaper than anywhere you have been before. We believe everyone should live equally and not have to spend a fortune on everyday necessities. , and it is almost impossible to find a family without a job.

A Little About Our Government

Here in Santa Kia, our government differs a little from other countries. Although life is wonderful once a citizen, we have particular expectations and requirements to earn citizenship. Santa Kia's government is a Democracy, Presidential, and Federal. We elect officials to make the final decisions and we have a main central power, but several small states as well. Not to mention, the freedom here stretches for miles, even for the animals. If you're interested, stop and visit the most peaceful country to have ever existed.