Queuing system models

Order management systems

GMS 1981 Hong Kong Bank and Habib ( now ) since the introduction of the bank along with the banking industry in Malaysia. Malaysia's local and foreign banks rank among the GMS Management Systems (QMS) and popularized using. The Central Bank of Malaysia ( Bank Negara Malaysia ) and Maybank, the largest queuing system models bank in which customers can be seen from the list.

Since 1981, order management systems developed for a wide range of banking sector. Different banks have different queuing system models requirements and operational preferences. In the early 1980s, a number of banking transactions in two stages - a teller forms, checks, money ( 1 ) submission to the cashier at the counter of a processed document or a particular stage in the money ( 2 ) package. While most clients ( 1 ) is provided at the end of a row tickets and had to wait in the general waiting area. Systems ( TCS ) will be used to help those in call call Digicallers and digital customers.

The introduction of a single row in the mid- 1980s, banks have computerized their operations and introduced the concept of the so-called universal teller or uniteller. Most, if all counters are equipped to handle all types of banking services. All customers have to join a queue and all uniteller counters on a first-come -first- served basis, with this single line of customers waiting queuing system models to be served. GMS customer service call and will facilitate the process of single row (SQ) that is designed to show the opposite. SQ system so that the next customer to order a free uniteller directed him to the head of the organization in addition, in line with a short traditional customer.

Customers queuing system models also have to stand in line system to provide faster service to customers uniteller counters, use the waiting time was usually short. It is impossible to completely eliminate the above mentioned 2 -phase operation. So, Sq and the DCS has been adopted by some banks. TCS offers a 2 -phase operation provides faster service when the SQ all single queuing system models level transactions.

The ideal situation is very short and fast -moving queue, especially on peak days, it is often difficult to recognize banks. SQ systems often require customers to queue up for long periods of time is unacceptable. The use of management systems in order to provide a high quality service for all purposes, especially when it was not. Weeks to gather the information needed for a strong individual.

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